Uninstalling the Agent Manually - GFI EndPointSecurity Support These issues usually happen due to corrupted files or remnants from previous installations of Sophos Home or other Sophos versions, especially when using a third-party uninstaller that may delete components that are required to properly uninstall Sophos. Restart the endpoint or server to turn off tamper protection completely. Press the keys CTRL + F and search for the word detected which will then show you the registry key string of the detected third-party anti-virus. Step 5: The uninstall process begins. Press the keys Windows + R. Type %temp% then press the Enter button. With the services stopped, if you can try uninstalling, and the install again. Try stoping all services starting with Sophos. Notes: There's no ongoing update if the View updating status is grayed out. Uninstall tamper-protected Sophos Antivirus with PowerShell Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Turn on or restart the endpoint or server. Windows XP / Server 2003 Boot from Windows CD Press F8 to open Advanced Boot Options. I have tried stopping all Sophos services first. Sophos Install Script - Copy and paste below into a .cmd file. Wait about 5 minutes for the uninstallation to complete. Sophos Endpoint Protection - Uninstall without Tamper Protection Password. Uninstalling Sophos in Programs and Features Log in to the computer using an account that is a member of the local group SophosAdministrator. Sophos Endpoint Security and Control Escalating upgrade and uninstall issues To troubleshoot a problematic uninstall or upgrade of the endpoint software, you must capture the state of the computer. "C:\Program Files\Sophos\Endpoint Defense\uninstall.exe" You can review the log files and see what it has done under %windir%\Temp\ and the appropriate log file. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Sophos Endpoint Defense\TamperProtection\Config and set the Value data of SEDEnabled to 0. To uninstall go to Control Panel> Programs> Programs and Features> right click on Sophos Endpoint Agent> select Uninstall to uninstall. Uninstall Sophos Endpoint via Intune : r/Intune - reddit REM --- Check for an existing installation of Sophos Anti-Virus. I have logged into the server as both the Administrator and the user that installed the Endpoint Agent. After successful uninstallation, click Close and the computer will automatically restart. REM Check for the Sophos service. Create a .reg file with the info below, and save it to the desktop. Click Close Once this is complete, EndPointSecurity Agent should have been removed from the system. REM --- Check for an existing installation of Sophos Agent. Look for the avremove.log file. Ultimate Sophos Removal - Script Center - Spiceworks On the system tray, right-click the Sophos icon and ensure no update is in progress. If BitLocker is enabled, suspend it. Unable to install/uninstall Sophos Home - Windows Type "TextEdit" , hit Enter. IT Brain Dump: Sophos Endpoint Protection - Uninstall without Tamper Download the Sophos Diagnostic Utility onto the affected Endpoint. You will need to boot into safe mode and BitLocker will trigger if it's not suspended. Unable to uninstall Endpoint Agent - keeps telling me I need - Sophos Click on the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen to open Spotlight Search. Click on the Start button Click on the Settings button From the Windows Settings window, click on Apps Under the Apps & Features sections, scroll down the list and find Sophos Anti-Virus Click on Sophos Anti-Virus Click on the Uninstall button Click through the prompts to complete the removal of Sophos Anti-Virus Tamper protection should be disabled for Sophos from sophos central Script output may show to restart the system.Restart and run the script for better output Procedure's Instructions You are unable to reinstall Sophos Home due to error messages. Restart the computer in Safe Mode. Sophos endpoint agent fail to uninstall The on-premise client doesn't have a unified uninstaller it is just a few entries in Programs and Features, some of which are MSIs, some are custom installers/uninstallers. Attempt to uninstall Sophos first through Add or Remove Programs or Programs and Features or by running the uninstallcli.exe tool. If you notice that the Sophos AV is still installed it is because tamper protection is not disabled. Instructions on how to remove Sophos Endpoint when losing - Techbast Sophos Endpoint Security and Control: Uninstall on a Windows computer @Echo off. Uninstall Sophos Endpoint Protection - ITarian I have tried restarting the server but it does not clear the message. Sophos Removal Assistance : r/sysadmin - reddit.com Sophos Endpoint: Escalate upgrade and uninstall issues Terence Luk: Uninstall script for Sophos Endpoint Security - Blogger This may take a few minutes. Select Uninstalling Select EndPointSecurity Agent from the programs listed and click Next Select Yes, try to uninstall You will receive a message saying that the problem has been fixed. Article - How do I uninstall Sophos a - University of Idaho "Open Sophos Endpoint AV, go to the Configure menu -> Authenticate User -> enter the password 'password' and then go into 'Configure Tamper Protection' and uncheck 'Enable Tamper Protection'. The lines in the log file show all the registry keys and markers checked by the CRT. IF NOT EXIST "C:\Program Files (x86)\Sophos\Remote Management System\ManagementAgentNT.exe" (. 3. Sophos Endpoint Defense: How to recover a tamper protected system How to Uninstall Sophos - Roanoke College Quick Solutions 1. Backup the registry. 2. Be sure to close the Sophos AV Console window after disabling Tamper-Protect." Read-Host "Press ENTER to continue" When I try to uninstall I get this message: The computer must be restarted before Sophos Endpoint Agent can be uninstalled. Regards, Bohdan 0 Amir Ghaedi over 6 years ago in reply to Bohdan.S Click or tap Sophos Endpoint Agent, click or tap 'Uninstall', and confirm 'Uninstall' again. Next select Uninstall to uninstall Sophos Endpoint Agent. Step 6: A restart is required to complete the . Start a New Document (this opens a blank text file) At the top of your screen select Format---> "Make plain text" to convert the file to txt. Programs and Features should have Applications starting with Sophos, since you have the Autoupdater installed. Unable to install/uninstall Sophos Home on Mac computers - Advanced In that case "C:\Program Files\Sophos\Sophos Endpoint Agent\uninstallcli.exe" isn't of use to you as that is the unified uninstaller for the Central client. Turn off tamper protection. Video steps available here: macOS - Sophos Home uninstall script for advanced users. Reboot the Server If nothing has changed, you can run a script / batch file On a managed computer, click the keys Windows + R. In Run, type regedit then press OK. Step 4: Confirm the uninstall by clicking 'Uninstall'. Sophos Central Endpoint: The installation is unable to proceed due to a In successful removals: (1) in some cases may be a few folders remaining on the system (particularly with some Web Intelligence DLLs and a SAV Temp folder), and (2) WinSock providers may still be present (even if the files no longer exist on the system), this can be verified with the "netsh winsock show catalog" command. unable to uninstall Sophos endpoint agent? Enter an administrator username and password to allow uninstallation if prompted.